"This program allowed me to grow spiritually and gave me so many tools to maintain a better health/wellness lifestyle and gave me so many tools to maintain a better health/wellness lifestyle"
— Member, Georgia
"Breathe was definitely what I needed to guide me through 2019. Christina is the most humble and loving person I’ve met. The way she ensures each person gets exactly what they are looking for blows my mind and she’s so genuine."
—Member, Colombia MD

"My Breathe experience was personal..."

I honed in on the topics that I felt would impact my lifestyle. I’ve got lots of work to do, and now I have a toolkit to help me get this work done. I was looking for a community to connect to like minded women. I realized that I am not an anomaly. But there are women experiencing what I am. And it’s comforting, if not humbling to know that while no resolve is perfect, there are options. It was an overall satisfying experience for me.
—Member, Queens, NY

"I felt heard and loved..."

 I didn’t know it then, but Breathe was my jumping off point to begin opening my heart and spirit to a life that is full of wonder, love and power. I am eternally grateful and have been blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey with Christina and Breathe by OmNoire.
—Member, Piscataway NJ

"Breathe was a great opportunity to connect with myself, reshape my thinking, and find actionable ways to manifest my desires..."

" Like everything, you have to show up committed to doing the work--it's not an overnight fix--but the thoughtfully curated masterclasses, challenges, and group discussions provided the right balance for reassessment and recalibration, which prepared me to walk into 2020 ready to reap the harvest from the seeds that were sown. "
—Member, Washington DC

"After having attended two in person retreats, the feeling I always leave with is: how do I continue this community when I get home..."

Breathe by OMNoire was that solution. Because a 3 day on site retreat isn't always doable, I definitely feel like this is an inclusive and accessible way to expand the OMNoire community to so many women who could use this energy radiating in their lives. A virtual retreat also allows for the opportunity to hit rewind. This is an all around great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for the benefits of a retreat with the convenience of being able to connect with the community from wherever they might be.
—Member, New Orleans, LA

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