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Is it worth it?

Breathe by OMNoire is a virtual retreat. 6 weeks of sessions, 6 months of community, and a sisterhood of women of color all working toward their own definition of wellness.  

At $495, the retreat is about $20 a week for access to tools and guidance through financial, mental, physical, and spiritual self-care. 


This virtual retreat is an experience for people who no longer want an excuse, or a short-term fix. They want to exhale, create change, and explore new spaces of themselves that elevate their life entirely.  Read what Breathe members say about its worth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

Staying Connected


Experience & Update Emails  

We've put together a 5 day mini experience demo for you to learn about the sessions, session leaders and stay up to date on deadlines and Breathe related happenings. 


Live Webinars & Instagram

Before the retreat begins, Christina often hosts live webinars on various subjects like relationships, meditation, and decluttering your space. Q&A's are also frequently held on @OMNoire and on Christina's personal channel.  Follow both pages to get notified when Christina goes live. 

the future of wellness

Being and living well does not look like an extremely singular ideology, or modality. In fact, it is caring for yourself in a variety of degrees. Breathe is a medium to receive the support and education needed to define what your personal care plan looks like, so you can do the work to be healthy and fulfilled. 


When does it start?

Breathe enrollment is currently closed. To stay connected and receive updates for when membership will reopen, subscribe to our email list.