Over 6 weeks, participants will be guided through weekly live, interactive digital workshops. You will also have the opportunity to engage in bonus sessions and community discussions.     

Anchor in Authenticity: Developing A Spiritual Practice of Revealing Your True Self


Oct 20th

Dr.Crystal Jones,

Spiritual Director

Learn how to advocate for yourself. Dr. Crystal Jones' mission is to disrupt a narrative of brokenness that serves as the foundation for healthcare, wellness and religion. Her core purpose is to communicate the one Truth-we are Whole.

The Art of Surrender For A Stress-A-Holic Using Meditation & Crystals


Oct 27th

Devi Brown, Primordial Sound Mediation Instructor

Get help building meditation practices that honor the duality of your soul and humanity.  Devi Brown's intention is that after this session you will have the tools to always go back to center, no matter what happens in life. 


Nov 3rd

Healing From A Breakup and Creating Boundaries Group Chat

Dr. Joy Bradford,

licensed psychologist

When's the last time you did a relationship autopsy? Now you can with the guidance of licensed therapist Dr. Joy Bradford.  In discussion about closure, social media relationships, boundaries, your questions will finally be answered by a mental health professional. 


Nov 17th

Healing Your Body & Mind Through Food 

Chef Ahki, Food Activist and Educator

With bold statements like: what you eat in private, is what you will wear in public, Chef Ahki is the voice of women leading the charge for healthy living. Learn how to protect your food energy through ingredients and using the exclusive meal plan that will be given to you because of your enrollment.

Finances Demystified: Having A Plan To Secure The Bag For 2020 Seminar


Dec 8th

Dominique Broadway,

Personal Finance Expert

Finally bring your financial dreams to reality. Dominique Broadway is an award winning financial planner will make money decisions easy to understand from budgeting, to  dealing with debt, to getting paid in equity. 

Phenomenal Change: Seeing It Through - Vision Boarding Workshop


Dec 14th

La Shell Wooten,

personal development specialist

Experience the affirming of your life with La Shell Wooten. Unlike traditional vision boarding, here you will release useless habits and learn how to create beneficial mental connections that serve you in creating the life you want. 

Bonus Session!

Sep 29th

Making Room For The One (Because Your Love Is Already Here) 

Dr.Aesha Roberts,

relationship specialist

Flaky people who aren't sure what they want don't get to tell you if you'll ever meet the one. You do. In this session Dr.Aesha will deliver a dating detox that will bring clarity to creating relationships where you feel heard, seen, and understood. 


Bonus Session!

Nov 9th

Perfecting Your Profile & Finessing Your Flirt: Dating Keys for the Single Savvy Lady

Tera Stidum,

online dating specialist

 If you’ve ever struggled with coming up with the right words to say—either in your profile or to potential dates—this session is for you! Learn how to create a dynamic online dating profile, as Tera Stidum teaches the  techniques to fail proof flirting.



Christina M. Rice,

founder OMNoire

Breathe was created for you.

Needing a safe space that honored personal preference is how 'Breathe' started. Whether you're a vegan or meat eater, yogi or occasional fitness buff, enjoy a few cocktails during a fun night out, or alcohol free, my mission is the same. I'm here to encourage and support you to discover your own version of wellness. 

Bonus Session!



The Art of Declaring A Future With Intention: Journaling Masterclass Part II



  • Interact and share with members of private digital community from your mobile app or desktop portal​.

  • Attend each live virtual session from wherever your designated space with wifi is. Schedules will be posted and reminders sent.

  • Each week, reflect, journal and work through the materials and prompts provided by experienced session leaders.

  • Connect with other members during bonus workshops and live chats

  • Wellness Box shipped to your home (ETA Fall 2019)

  • Receive early Access + discounts to OMNoire's 2020 Destination Retreats

  • Be privy to exclusive offerings from session leaders.