Releasing thought patterns in favor of new mindsets. 

by: Christina Rice

This past week has been about letting go. 

Launching Breathe has taught me to release the narrative of perfection and embrace a new mindset. A mindset that is transparent and open. 

After hosting two live webinars, one with online dating coach @shedatessavvy (Tera Roberson Stidum) and the other with relationship expert @doctoraesha (Dr. Aesha Adams-Roberts), I am reflective that relationships with others begins with the relationship we have with ourself. 

If you missed the live webinars, do not miss this. Watch a clip of the divine meditation lead by Dr.Aesha during our webinar:  

Here's my challenge to you today. Think on this: 

What narratives are you committed to? What stories do you continue to tell yourself (or others) about yourself? Does that story need to change? Does your mindset need to shift?

If the answer is yes, register for Breathe to get the tools you need to make the shift a sustainable practice, not a momentary awakening.