Have you ever become someone you didn't want to be?

by: Christina Rice

I remember when it happened to me.

It was the beginning of 2015. Picture a toxic relationship and terrible breakup, asterisked by a suffering business and all the effects of depression. There were days I could barely get out of bed. I hated the person I had become.  

The day after a night filled with way too many drinks, I remember not wanting to attend a dinner I planned with a former assistant. I was afraid. Could she see through my facade and see my pain?

Through the fear, I went. She looked amazingly happy. As her skin glowed against my dark cloud, she told me she had been going to a $5 hot yoga studio just two blocks from my office. The same tiny studio that I'd eventually be in every day changed my life.


"Create space so you can become"

By Fall 2015 I was so in love with OM, my practice. I wanted more of it, to get deeper into it.  So I became a certified teacher, and then I became the founder of OMNoire.

This is why the Breathe by OMNoire virtual wellness retreat is so close to my heart. If I had not created space to clear my mind, be present and find my breath, I don’t know where I'd be. From that dark place, I became a woman that genuinely wakes up every day and says “I love this life I have created.”

Breathe by OMNoire is space for you to become. You don’t have to go away to get away but instead you can create a retreat within yourself. 

I want this for you. Decide that you want it for yourself. If you have questions, message me

Love & Light,