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Healing On Your Own Terms

About Breathe by OMNoire

Breathe by OMNoire - is a community for women who need space to breathe,  connect, cultivate, and bloom. Join this thriving community of women vibrating higher so you can keep your joy in check and your wellness a non-negotiable.

About the Founder

Welcome! My name is Christina Rice and I am a certified yoga & meditation instructor and serial entrepreneur. I founded OMNoire from a need to create a safe space for dope Queens like you to define wellness on your own terms. Here in this safe community you are welcome to breathe easy and discover what being WELL means to you, while connecting with a tribe of women who will support you along the way. Your wellness journey is yours and yours alone. Own it, live it, become it. Finally, let's vibrate higher together. Welcome to Breathe by OMNoire.

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