4 Things You May Need If You're Hesitant About "Breathe"

by: Christina Rice

Peace isn't an elated emotion all the time.


At all times, it is trust—a trust in your decision making. It doesn't matter if it's your "yes" , "no", or "IDK". Are you at peace with your decisions?

Unsettled myself, I decided to extend early access to those who showed interest. There were a few who felt a soul tug, but were hesitant to join. Understandably, choices need time to ferment like great wine. So here's the opportunity to choose 'Breathe' again.


4 Things That May Help You Decide: 

1. Need more information? Browse the updated pages of

2. Need encouragement? Watch my post-online dating webinar reflections: 

3. Need more time? That's okay. You will absolutely be able to join from now until we start in November.


4. Need to figure out your coins? I feel you. Buy now, pay later with a Paypal account and their interest free financing. To do this: click register button below, click the Paypal banner, and apply. 

Love & Light,