Recently I participated in the journaling workshop, in Breathe and I'm over the moon at how quickly my intentions are now my reality...   

— Antoinette A.,

interior designer

Los Angeles

Breathe by OMNoire is a virtual wellness program + interactive membership for dope women dealing with hangups, who believe their healing is an inside job individually and in community.   


Join the thriving community of incredible women who have decided to vibrate higher. 

I have been working really hard in therapy and I’m finally getting a great grasp of daily meditation.


I’ve been dying to go to an OMNoire Retreat....Breathe is giving me the same retreat energy in my own space. I couldn’t be more grateful for Breathe, especially right now.

— Camara, Advertising Executive. Oakland, CA


Anchor in Authenticity: Developing A Spiritual Practice of Revealing Your True Self

Oct 20th

Dr.Crystal Jones, Spiritual Director

The Art of Surrender For A Stress-A-Holic Using Meditation & Crystals

Oct 27th

Devi Brown, Primordial Sound Mediation Instructor

Healing From A Breakup and Creating Boundaries Group Therapy

Nov 3rd

Dr. Joy Bradford, licensed psychologist

Healing Your Body & Mind Through Food - Cooking Instruction

Nov 17th

Chef Ahki, Food Activist and Educator

Finances Demystified: Having A Plan To Secure The Bag For 2020 Seminar

Dec 8th

Dominique Broadway, Personal Finance Expert

Phenomenal Change: Seeing It Through and Being It- Vision Boarding Workshop

Dec 14th

La Shell Wooten, personal development specialist


Making Room For The One (Because Your Love Is Already Here) Masterclass

Sep 29th

Dr.Aesha Roberts, relationship specialist

Perfecting Your Profile & Finessing Your Flirt: Dating Keys for the Single Savvy Lady

Nov 9th

Tera Stidum, online dating specialist

The Art of Declaring A Future With Intention: Journaling Masterclass Part II


Christina M. Rice, founder OMNoire


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Re Opening 2020
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A note from your host Christina


The $3,386 I paid to become a certified yoga teacher has been invaluable as OMNoire has been a direct result of the investment .

This is why Breathe is so close to my heart. If I had not paid the costs, created space to clear my mind, and found my breath, I don’t know where I'd be.


From that dark place, I became a woman that genuinely wakes up every day and says “I love this life I have created.”


Breathe by OMNoire is space for you to become. You don’t have to go away to get away but instead you can create a retreat within yourself. This is the future of wellness and the long-term practice of deep self-care.


OMNoire is a wellness social community for women of color dedicated to living well from the inside out. Our mission is to connect like-minded women through our events, retreats and online platform to cultivate strength, growth and positive manifestation in all areas of our lives. We believe that life truly begins through the interconnectivity of a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

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